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Bollywood News: Fake followers of Bollywood celebrities on social media, Bollywood More Back News 9xmovies understand the full game here!...


A new game has now been revealed in Mumbai. In fact, the police team has come to know that people associated with other fields including Bollywood make fake followers by paying big money.

In the Sushant Singh Rajput case, when eminent director Shekhar Kapur sent an e-mail statement to the Bandra police last week, Kapoor's reasoning was that since he is in Uttarakhand, he appeared before the Mumbai police Can not be, However, in the case of making fake followers, the Mumbai Crime Branch has done a new experiment. 

He has taken live video statements of six suspects who are outside Mumbai in this case. These are all people associated with Bollywood.

According to a Crime Branch official, we also summoned ten other people present in Mumbai to the Crime Branch office for questioning. 

In the video statement, the police can counter-question the person in the same way as in a face-to-face inquiry at a police station or crime branch unit, while the e-mail requires the police to send questions in advance.

Fake followers of famous celebrities

In fact, four days ago, Crime Investigation Unit (CIU) Senior Inspector Sachin Vaze had arrested an accused named Abhishek from Kurla. 

The crime branch says that Abhishek is a part of the racket that makes crores of fake followers by taking huge money from people associated with Bollywood and other fields. 

According to this official, more than 46% of the followers on the Instagram of some of Bollywood's most famous actresses are fake. 

These actresses get crores of rupees from one of their Instagram posts. These actresses have given many super-duper hit films in the last decade.

'... then the accounts were deleted'

According to this official, due to having more followers, such companies or actresses or celebrities from other fields get higher rates by advertising companies. 

For this reason, the racket to create fake followers on social media is flourishing. The official says that $ 1.9 billion was invested in making fake followers in Canada and the US last year. 

The people of this gang not only create fake followers, but they also create fake social media accounts and also charge a hefty amount for this. 

Through these fake accounts and fake followers associated with these accounts, the work of defaming someone or spreading rumors in the society is also done. 

Last year Facebook identified 754 million such fake accounts and deleted them later.

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