Tik Tok से लोग कैसे लाखों कमा रहे थे India Digital Surgical Strike 59 Chinese Apps Including Tik Tok Uc Browser Banned

Chinese Apps (Tik Tok) Banned: The Indian government has imposed a ban on 59 Chinese apps, including Tik Tok (Tik Tok Ban in India) just before the third round of talks with China. The government said that these Chinese apps are a threat to the security, sovereignty, integrity of the country.

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tik tok

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Ban on 59 Chinese apps including Tik Tok

TikTok is the destination for short-form mobile videos. Tik Tok Banned 2020, tik tok ban news, twitter, 59 Chinese apps list, Chinese apps banned.

There will be another round of Lieutenant General level talks on Tuesday between India and China forces to resolve the ongoing tension in the Line of Control in Ladakh. Just before this conversation, the central government banned 59 apps from China, including Tik Tok ban, UC Browser, while performing digital surgical strikes. The central government said that these apps are harmful to the sovereignty, integrity and national security of the country.

The IT ministry said in an official statement released on Monday that it had received several complaints from various sources. These include several reports about the misuse of some mobile apps available on the Android and iOS platforms. These reports state that these apps' steal users' data and secretly send it to servers outside India. ' Calls - Xiaomi, MI Community, Clash of Kings as well as e-commerce platform Club Factory and Shein.

'Such apps threaten sovereignty, integrity of India'
The ministry said in its statement, "The compilation, investigation and profiling of these figures by elements hostile to India's national security ultimately hurts India's sovereignty and integrity, it is a matter of great concern, Against which emergency measures are needed. ”The Ministry of Information Technology decided to ban these apps using its powers under Section 69A of the IT Act and Rules.

Earlier, the Indian Cyber ​​Crime Coordination Center under the Ministry of Home Affairs also recommended a comprehensive ban on these malicious apps. "On the basis of these and recently on receiving reliable information that such apps are a threat to India's sovereignty and integrity, the Government of India has approved some apps used in mobile and non-mobile Internet enabled devices," the statement said. It has been decided to discontinue use.

$ 5.5 billion Chinese investment in startup company sector

The ministry said the move would 'protect the interests of crores of Indian mobile and internet users. This decision is a step towards ensuring the security and sovereignty of Indian cyberspace. ”The comments of these companies on the decision could not be received at the moment. According to Venture Intelligence, Chinese investors including Alibaba, Tencent, TR Capital, and Hillhouse Capital have invested more than $ 5.5 billion in India's startup companies sector between 2015 and 2019. After this decision of the Central Government, he has suffered a major setback.

According to sources, due to this decision of the government, Chinese companies will lose several million dollars in revenue. This decision to ban the Chinese app has not surprised people. There was speculation that Chinese companies are sending data of the app to China, in view of this, action can be taken against them. An official source said, 'The Modi government has shown commitment and efficiency in coping with China on many fronts. At the same time, attacking China where it gets hurt the most. For India, this is the first time since the border conflict, which shows that India has many counter options.

App banned from sending data of Indians to China

After this action of the Government of India, the valuation of the respective Chinese companies will be severely affected. Sources said that the Indian Cybercrime Coordination Center has found that the data is going to China very fast even after companies in the US and Singapore block the app. Investigation of Tick Talk and some other apps has revealed that the camera, microphone, and full network access have been made in such a way that Indian authorities cannot catch any data usage or espionage.

A source said that Tic Toc had already been accused of spreading hatred and promoting sexual content but has been banned due to suspicion of espionage. TicketLock has over 200 million users in India, while Xiaomi is the largest mobile brand. Alibaba's UC Browser is a mobile Internet browser, available in India since 2009. It claims that it had 1.1 billion users worldwide (excluding China) in September 2019, of which half were from India.

India, China will hold third round of talks today

There will be another round of Lieutenant General level talks between the Indian and Chinese armies on Tuesday to ease tensions in East Ladakh and finalize ways to repel forces from the sensitive region. Sources said that this will be the third round of talks at the level of lieutenant general and it will be on Indian land along the Line of Actual Control in the Chushul sector. The time to start the conversation is kept at 10:30 am.

In the first two rounds of negotiations, the Indian side insisted on the restoration of the status quo and the immediate withdrawal of thousands of Chinese troops from Galvan Valley, Pangong So and other areas. The first two meetings took place in Moldo on the LAC towards China. For the last seven weeks, the forces of India and China have been face to face in many places in eastern Ladakh. Tension has increased manifold after the 20 Indian jawans attained heroism in a clash in the Galvan Valley on 15 June. In the second round of talks, on 22 June, the two sides reached a 'mutual agreement' to 'retreat' to tense places in eastern Ladakh. Sources said that the two sides are expected to discuss on the move towards implementing the decision to repel the forces on Tuesday.

Prime Minister Modi will address the nation this evening

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will address the nation this evening. His address comes at a time when tensions between India and China are at peak. This address is also taking place at a time when the country is going to enter the 'unlock-2' in the lockdown amidst increasing cases of Kovid-19 epidemic, for which the Union Home Ministry issued guidelines on Monday night. The Prime Minister's Office tweeted on Monday night, "Prime Minister Narendra Modi will address the nation tomorrow (Tuesday) at four o'clock in the evening." This will be the Prime Minister's sixth address to the nation amid the outbreak of Kovid-19 in the country. In the 'Mann Ki Baat' program aired on Sunday, Modi said that India has given a befitting reply to those who put a bad eye on their land in Ladakh.

Rajat Sharma's Blog: Modi government has taken a bold step at the right time by banning Chinese apps

These Chinese apps were serving content that the youth liked. The ban on Chinese apps is the first major step taken by the government as a retaliation to hurt Chinese business interests in India.

The government on Monday banned the operation of 59 mobile apps belonging to China, including the popular video app TikTok, including UC Browser, WeChat, Shareit, and CamScanner. The government said that these apps were 'engaged in activities which are harmful to India's sovereignty and integrity, defense, security of the state and public order'. Non-mobile Internet enabled devices were being used, and because of this there was 'much concern' over 'data security and privacy of 130 crore Indians'.

A press statement said, 'There have been a number of complaints in which some mobile apps available on Android and iOS platforms steal users' data, send them secretly to servers located outside India.' The store and Apple have told the iOS App Store to stop downloading these Chinese apps and block the use of pre-installed apps. The government has warned that action will be taken against companies that do not comply with its order within the given time-limit. Law, Justice, and Information Technology Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad tweeted on Monday: 'For the security, defense, sovereignty, and integrity of India, the government has banned 59 mobile apps. Jai Hind.'

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has taken a bold step in time, amid growing tension over China's military construction near the Line of Actual Control. These Chinese apps had caught millions of Indians in a way and these apps were making a lot of money. For example, TikTok, a popular short video sharing Chinese app, generated revenue of around Rs 25 crore during the October-December 2019 quarter in India. This app has been downloaded about 61.1 times in India. Of the 2 billion downloads of TikTok worldwide so far, 30 percent are from India alone. TikTok had set a target of achieving a revenue of Rs 100 crore in India during the July-September quarter of this year.

There are about 80 crore Internet users in India who take advantage of this facility at a very low cost. About half of these users are less than 25 years of age. These Chinese apps were serving content that the youth liked. The ban on Chinese apps is the first major step taken by the government as a retaliation to hurt Chinese business interests in India. The government's move comes at a time when the Chinese military continues to carry out large-scale construction operations in eastern Ladakh, and India's forces are busy in mirror deployment.

According to intelligence reports, the Chinese Army plans to carry out another treacherous incident near the LAC, and its air force has activated 2 or 3 airports near Ladakh in Aksai Chin. China has deployed more than 50 fighter jets there and heliports have also been built for the landing and take-off of helicopters.

It is clear that China is trying its best to test India's patience and our armed forces are also ready to respond. India's message to China is quite clear, as Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said: 'We want peace, but if any country dares to challenge our sovereignty and territorial integrity, we will respond immediately. (Rajat Sharma)

Tik Tok banned in India, what next? Learn what the company has to say

Tik Tok Ban - Tik Tok cannot be downloaded in India, as Google Play Store and App Store have blocked it. Although third-party app stores cannot be said. Tick ​​Talk says he has full faith in the Indian judicial system.

TikTok has 12 crore monthly active users in India. After the order of Madras High Court, now this app has been removed from Google Play Store and Apple App Store. That is, now new users will not be able to download it. But it is not that this app has stopped working and you will not be able to use it.

This statement of tick talk came after the order of Madras High Court

We respect the Madras High Court's decision to appoint Arvind Darat as Independent Council in the court. We believe in the Indian judicial system and we are optimistic about this so that more than 120 million monthly active ticking users in India will continue to use this app.

Significantly, Tik tok parent company is Byte Dance and many apps are covered under this. It is a Chinese company and its initial earnings were due to the news reading app. But it has become more popular since Tick Talk, investors started investing in it and its value was reduced to $ 75 billion.

India is a big market for tick talk and the company may change its policy too to maintain it here. According to the report, tiktok has started putting filters in their comments shortly before.

A spokesperson of TikTok has told News18 that the company has taken several steps to protect the account of the users. Users can report violations of any guidelines. Users can report an account and recently Tick Talk has also added filters in the comments section, so that users can choose self-defined words in Hindi or English so that they cannot do any comment which they do not like.

However, this step taken by TikTok may not affect the court, because it has ordered to block it because it promotes porn and sexual part in children. But Tik Tok has not yet released any official statement on this nor has it said what to say on this decision of the court.

Overall, the ban on tik tok may continue in the near future. We have asked for a statement from Tik Tok on this decision of the court and the blocking of apps by Google and Apple.

China's 59 apps banned in India: TikTok said - are in the process of following the order

After the Indian government imposed the ban, there has been a statement from TikTok that it is in the process of complying with the order. At the same time, TikTok has been removed from Google Play Store and iPhone.

After the Indian government imposed the ban, there has been a statement from TikTok that it is in the process of complying with the order. At the same time TickTalk has been removed from Google Play Store and iPhone. The nationwide famous short video service has also said that "under Indian law, data will be kept confidential and security requirements will continue to be followed".

Along with this, he has also said in his statement that "We have not given any information of any Indian Ticketcock user to the foreign government or the Chinese government". Nikhil Gandhi, Head of Tiktok India, said in a statement that, "We have been invited to meet the relevant government stakeholders for clarification and answers".

He said, "TikTok has democratized the Internet by making its platform available in 14 languages ​​in India. Millions of people use this app. Some of them are artists, storytellers and teachers and make videos according to their lives. At the same time, there are many users who have seen the world of Internet for the first time through TicketLock ''.

TikTok, UC Browser, WeChat, Shareite and Cam Scanner are among 59 Chinese apps that have been banned by the government nationwide. You can see the list of all 59 banned Chinese apps by clicking here.

The statement issued by the government said that according to the information available, these apps are engaged in activities which are dangerous to India's sovereignty and integrity, security, security of the state and public order.

Actually, this decision of the government has come after a clash with Chinese soldiers in the Galvan Valley of Ladakh. Let me tell you, on June 15 and 16, 20 soldiers of India, including the Colonel, were killed in a clash with Chinese soldiers in Galvan Valley. Since then, there has been tension on the border between the two countries.

Tiktok Ban In India: Flood of mimes in social media as soon as 'Tiktok' is banned in India, celebs also expressed happiness

In the wake of ongoing tensions with China, the Indian government has banned 59 Chinese apps in the country, including the highly popular user video app TickTalk. With the banning of Tiktok, fun memes are being made on social media. At the same time, many celebrities also expressed happiness, saying that the move of Tiktok Bain was right.

The Tiktok app is also very popular with celebrities with the general public. From TV stars to Bollywood celebrities also used Tiktok.

Bollywood actress Amrita Rao wrote that this decision of the Indian government to ban Chinese apps is good for the country and for security. Apart from this, there will also be freedom from social media addition. This will help people get detox by getting a break. Amrita told that she had already deleted the TickTalk app from her phone.

The poet Dr. Kumar Vishwas wrote a thank you to the PMO and the Ministry of Home Affairs - It looks great, because I never used these apps. Hey Dragon, just wait. There are more to go.

TV actor Kushal Tandon shared his feelings by creating a number of emojis by sharing a list of ban Chinese apps. At the same time, Nia Sharma wrote that thank you for saving the country. Never let this virus named TicTock come on.

What is this 'tick-talk' behind which people are going crazy

First scene

'What do you know about the price of a pinch of vermilion, Ramesh Babu?'

In the background, this dialogue of the film 'Om Shanti Om' is heard in the voice of Deepika Padukone and a common girl's face is seen in front. The girl moves her fingers to the forehead and with passionate eyes shakes her lips along the lines of the dialog.

Second scene

Two boys in school attire try to imitate the dialogue of the movie 'Deewar' ... 'I have a car today, a bungalow. what do you have?' This is so funny that laughter is missed on seeing it.

Every person using the Internet is two to four of such short videos. Most of such videos are from the Chinese app 'Tik-Tok'.

What is 'TikTok'?

'Tik-Tok' is a social media application through which smartphone users can create and share short videos (up to 15 seconds).

'Bite Dance' is a company owned by it which launched 'Tik-Tok' in China in September 2016. In the year 2018, the popularity of 'Tik-Tok' grew very fast and in October 2018, it became the most downloaded app in America.

The introduction of TikTok on Google Play Store has been called as 'Short videos for you' (short videos for you).

Tik-tok on the Play Store is written as defined:

Tik-tok is not a simple way to make short videos from mobile. There is no artificiality in this, it is real and it has no limitations. Whether you are brushing or making breakfast at 7:45 am - whatever you are doing, wherever you are, come on a tik-tok and tell your story to the world in 15 seconds.

Your life gets more fun with Tik-Tok. You live every moment of your life and always look for something new. You can give your video a new color with special effect filters, beauty effects, funny emoji stickers, and music.

'Tick-talk' in India

TikTok downloads in India are more than 100 million. According to a report in the Economic Times, it is used by about 20 million Indians every month.

The popularity of tik tok in Indians can be gauged from the fact that eight million people have reviewed it on the Google Play Store.

The interesting thing is that a large number of people using 'tik tok' is from the people of villages and small towns. Even more shocking is that the madness of tik tok is raising the head of even the small children of seven to eight years of age.

Not only this, now it is being liked that Bollywood stars like Shraddha Kapoor, Tiger Shroff, and Neha Kakkar have also come on TikTok.

Some special things about TikTok

You cannot use your voice while making videos with tick-talk. You have to 'lip-sync'.

While on Facebook and Twitter, to get a 'blue tick', or to get their account verified, the common people have to struggle a lot, at the same time, the number of users having a verified account on tick-talk is very large. And yes, it does not get 'blue tick' but 'orange tick'.

People who get 'Orange Tick' see 'Popular Creator' written on their account. Also, by looking at the account, it also shows how many 'Hearts' the user has received, that is, how many people have liked his videos so far.

The means of fame and income

There are some benefits of TikTok too. It has emerged as a good platform especially for villages and small towns.

Many people are fulfilling their hobbies through this. For example, if someone does a good comedy or does a good dance, then tiktok is a good platform to show his talent.

Not only this, many people are also earning money through this. Sahil, who hails from Haryana, has 3,0,3200 followers on tick-talk.

He told the BBC that through his videos, you get up to Rs 3,000-5,000 per month. Sahil wants his account verified and his followers reach 10 lakh.

Umesh Mukhiya of Bihar still posts videos of his comedy on the Vigo app. Through this, they earn up to about 5-10,000 rupees every month.

In a conversation with BBC, Umesh said, "10,000 rupees means a lot for a poor person like me. Now I am thinking of trying a tiktok too."

How is earning?

Sulabh Puri, editor of tech website 'Gadget Bridges', says that after launching an app in a country, these companies hire people from different places.

Usually people are hired who are good to watch, who have to do comedy, who have skills like singing or dancing. They have to put some videos every day and in return they get some money.

Apart from this, they also include film stars or those actors who are struggling or in the early stages of their career. In this way, they also get money and a platform. On the other hand, the company is also promoted.

Sulabh explains, "Apart from this, there is also a different model of revenue for the company and users. For example, if someone shows a Coca-Cola bottle in their video or shows a bottle of shampoo, then also through brand promotion. Earned. "

According to team leader Rahul Sachan of the tech website 'Gizboat', if you talk about the earnings of the user, then it is decided by looking at the ratio of views, likes, comments, and shares.

Rahul says that nowadays most social media apps are paying more attention to 'engagement' and 'conversion' than views. That is, the more people react to your video and the more people comment, the more likely your earnings will be.

Not only benefits but also risks

It is not that everything is good in Tik Tok. There is another aspect to it:

 It has been said on the Google Play Store that only people over 13 years of age can use it. However, it does not appear to be followed. In all the countries of the world including India, a large number of people below the age of 13 are in the videos made through tick-talk.

In terms of privacy, tick-talk is not free from dangers. Because only two privacy settings can be done in this - 'public' and 'only'. That is, you cannot apply any filter to the viewers of the video. Only you will be able to watch your videos or every person who has internet.

If a user wants to delete his tick-talk account then he cannot do it himself. For this, he has to request a tick-talk.

Since it is completely public, anyone can follow, message anyone. In such a situation, people of criminal or antisocial nature can easily mislead young children or teenagers.

Many tick-talk accounts are filled with adult content and since there are no filters, every tick-talk user can see them, even children.

Sulabh Puri says that the biggest problem with Chinese apps like tick-talk is that there is no option to 'report' or 'flag' any content. This can be dangerous in terms of security and privacy.

They believe that in such a situation, companies should do so that people below 16 years of age should stop using it.

According to Sulabh Puri, the other big problem here is that of 'cyberbullying'. Cyber ​​bullying means mocking people on the internet, degrading them, calling them bad, and trolling.

He says, "You take the example of a woman who was making 'Hello friends, drink tea' videos. You can say that she wanted to be famous or viral. Everyone wants to be famous and viral, but someone Don't want to be trolled. It's very easy to troll and make fun of others on apps like Tic-Talk. "

Therapist and counselor by profession Smita Barua says that social media like tick-talk are exposing our prejudices and mentality.

He said, "I have seen many times in such videos, people of villages and small towns are made fun of. Those people who do not appear in a special way on social media. On such an occasion, we have ' The "digital divide" is clearly visible.

Rahul Sachan also believes that applications like tick-talk need to be kept in control but only slightly.

He said, "In July 2018, Indonesia banned tick-talk because a large number of teenagers were using it to upload and share pornographic content. It was later reintroduced after some changes and conditions. "

According to Rahul, in view of the fast growing fake news in India, applications like TikTok need to be curbed.

He says, "When we download an app, we don't pay much attention to the privacy conditions. Just ticking on 'Yes' and 'Allow'. We go to our photo gallery, location, and contact number ... We give access to everyone. After this, where is our data going, what is it being used for, we do not know anything. "

Rahul says that most of the apps nowadays work with the help of 'Artificial Intelligence'. In such a situation, if you use them even once, then they collect many information related to you forever, so there is a need to be more cautious about them.

TikTok ban: Indian app spark replaced tik tok, users looted love, 30 lakh people downloaded

In view of national security concerns, the government has banned 59 Chinese apps including Tik Tok. After which, the Indian app-Chingari, the only alternative to tik tok, has received tremendous love from the people. This app has been downloaded by 3 million people so far.

The Chingari app was created by Bangalore-based programmers Biswatma Nayak and Siddharth Gautam last year, running the app at the top position on the Google Play store.

Nayak said, 'Since Indians needed a platform like desi and tik-tok at this time, we are trying to live up to their expectations. The Spark app is setting a new benchmark, with a lot of investors showing interest in our app. We will give this platform free service to the society. '

Industrialist Anand Mahindra never used Tik-Tok, but he downloaded it while backing this native app. He tweeted, "More strength to you."

Spark allows users to download and upload videos, chat with friends, chat with new people, share content, and browse through feeds. The app is available in English, Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Marathi, Kannada, Punjabi, Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu languages.

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