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Alpha Movie Trailer

Directed by:             Albert Hughes

Writing Credits:     Daniele Sebastian, Wiedenhaupt (screenplay by),  Albert Hughes (story by)

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Alpha Movie Star Cast

Kodi Smit-McPhee:    Keda

Natassia Malthe:    Rho

Leonor Varela:    Shaman

Jóhannes Haukur Jóhannesson:   Tau

Jens Hultén:    Xi

Mercedes de la Zerda:   Nu

Spencer Bogaert:   Kappa

Priya Rajaratnam:   Huntress

Marcin Kowalczyk:    Sigma

Patrick Flanagan:    Neanderthal 

Michael Kruse-Dahl:   Lion Tribe 

Kyle Glenn Sutherland:   Lion Tribe

Louis Lay:   Solutrean Hunter 

Taran Kootenhayoo:    Solutrean Hunter 

Nestor de la Zerda:    Solutrean Hunter 

Blake Point:    Solutrean hunter 

Nashon Douglas:    Lion Tribe

Produced by 

Mark Bakshi:    Production executive

Stuart M. Besser:    Executive producer

Robin Le Chanu:    Co-producer

Kim Locasio:   Production executive

Andrew Rona:    Producer

Louise Rosner:    executive producer

Jon Silk: Production executive:    Studio 8 

Music by 

  • Joseph S. DeBeasi
  • Michael Stearns


How dog and human friendship started?

In prehistoric times a young man is separated from his clan during hunting. During this time, he meets a wolf lying in the hunt and it is from here that the beginning of a friendship that changed the history of humanity forever.

The director Albert Hughes tells 'Alpha' is the story of a boy and his dog, but the difference is that the story is 20 thousand years old and is the first friendship between a dog and a human. For the first time in Europe's snowy forests, the director tackles this sensitive subject beautifully.

Watching this film gives thrills and relief, as well as there are many such opportunities in this film that will surprise you. The story of the film is very simple but affects. The young Keda is trying to save his life in the thick forest after being separated from his clan. In this forest, he meets a wandering wolf. Before the start of the freezing winter season of Europe, both of them have to reach their tribes by crossing thick forests and mountains and it is from here that the partnership we know as 'Man's Best Friend'.

This 'Alpha' film does not have a lot of dialogue and those that are in a language that you will not understand and for this, all the titles have been given in the film. Actor Keido Smit McPhee has performed well in the role of Keda. A lost young man and while struggling to live, he brings the role of a man alive.

Half of the film 'Alpha' is based on its graphic and cinematography and cinematographer Martin Schatt and the visual graphic team have created a world that looks absolutely prehistoric. The direction of the film is also amazing. Albert Hughes, who has made films like The Book of Eli, has added drama and fantasy in such a way that you start to believe this story. It is interesting to see how the human species lived in prehistoric times.

If you are an animal lover then this film is for you and even if you are not, this film is for you, yes it is slow, but a good film that will shake you on the big screen.


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