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A Star Is Born is an American romantic musical movie, Awards Lady Gaga, produced and directed by Bradley Cooper (his debut film), and a star is born songs are famous, co-written by Cooper, Eric Roth, and Will Fetters.

a star is born

When Jack sings his concert composition at Jack's saying - 'I'll always remember us like this / Always Remember Us This Way.' This is the last time in the story when things are so much better for both.

"Jack always talked about how music is basically just 12 notes/tone between any octave/octave. The 12 vowels and octaves are repeated. This is the same story. Which is recited repeatedly? Any artist can present this world just how he sees these 12 vowels. Just. "

- Bobby, the elder brother of tragic ending singer Jack.

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Release:   12 October 2018

Director:   Bradley Cooper

Nominations:    Academy Award for Best Actress

Awards:   Critics' Choice Movie Award for Best Actress

Cast:   Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper, Sam Elliott, Andrew Dice Clay, Anthony Ramos 

A Star is Born: This is a Romantic and Musical Movie.

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A Star is Born: Ellie (Lady Gaga) is a waitress in a restaurant. Is an aspiring singer. She also writes songs. Tried to enter the music industry, but nothing happened. She says, "Because of all the people in the music industry I have come in contact with, each one of them said that my nose is very big and I will not be able to succeed here." Jack (Bradley Cooper), a famous country singer, writer and guitarist, hears her singing in a drag bar and is left speechless.

He puts his nose to his nose and says that your nose is very beautiful. He tells her that she writes very well. Motivates. In one of his big shows, he invites him to sing on stage in front of a crowd of thousands. This proves to be a big break for Ellie.

The video goes viral on YouTube. Jack also supports further. Now she becomes a rising star. But with the stardom coming, the market of music industry starts packaging the entire personality, not just its nose. His music is revised. Jack doesn't like his move from country music to pop. There is something positive that "Why am I not good enough for you?"

Well, that gives Ellie the freedom to make decisions. There is love in both. Let's get married But further life becomes tragic, painful. 'A Star is Born' begins with the story of a girl becoming a star, but completes the duality. That is jack Ellie is climbing from here, she is descending from there.

His addiction to alcohol has ruined him. The scene is heart-wrenching when Amy is announced to win the Grammy Award for Best New Artist and as she walks to the stage, the drunken Jack, drunken, also follows her in unabashed delight. He sits on the stairs of the first stage. Everybody laughs Then Ellie starts speaking, then he goes to her.

Starts talking to him in unconsciousness. This is the peak moment of happiness in Ellie's life, but at the same time there is also the extreme of suffering, that the man who has taken her to this situation has to be handled. She is managing with courage that Jack urinates on stage. This award night turns into a bad night for Amy.

The film is also about battling alcoholism, alcohol-drug addiction. There is a long list of celebrities who lost their lives due to intoxication or overdose. These include Jack Heeley's contemporary actor Heath Ledger (who became the Joker in 'The Dark Knight') and Lady Gaga's rival Amy Winehouse, who plays Amy. But instead of looking for entertainment from the addict's tragic life, if you know the reason why he does drugs, then it is better. There are parts of Jack's past that also direct his future.

a star is born songs

First, the lack of a woman in life because her 18-year-old mother died while giving birth to her. That emptiness fills Amy somewhere. His brother and manager Bobby also confirms this. After getting Aimee to perform, Jack drinks a lot of alcohol, then after putting him on the bed, going out of the hotel room, he tells Aimee standing there - "He hasn't brought any girl to the stage before." And it has happened after such a long time that it has played such an (amazing) guitar. "

Jack's best friend Noodles (Dave Chappell) also tells him - "Saw you on YouTube." In that video, with that girl. I'm glad man. You engaged. You were doing well bro. Maybe that girl is the way out for you (from intoxication and brain damage).

There is nothing to fear. It is the same as if you are swimming in the sea, and one day, you get a shore/port. You think - I stay here for a few days. Those days then become transformed in a few years. And you forget where you were going. And as long as you have an idea, you don't mind where you were going. Because now you like to be where you are. "

Second, tinnitus. This is a disease that is impairing Jack's hearing. A sharp tone begins to be heard. All other sounds get blocked. There is no cure for this. The doctor has given a hearing aid to be applied in the ears, so that further damage can be prevented, but he wants to feel the performance, so does not wear.

He must have had this disease when he was young. Her father had an old record player, Victrola. He was bigger than Jack's head. When the child was there, he would put his entire head inside it. His father used to listen to blues songs all day long and Jack got the disease.

Third, the addiction to alcohol that he suffered from his father. At least, his brothers Bobby and Amy quarreled with him on two or three occasions, saying that you were your father's best drinking buddy. His father passed away when Jack was 13 years old. He was not a responsible father. Used to be drunk. Even if the child was dying, he would not be conscious. This thing also came from the father to Jack.

Fourth, hanging. When he was young, he tried to hang a father's belt from the ceiling fan. What would have been such a situation and depression that that 13 year old child did this. Well Not dead but the whole fan fell down. Jack had a big cut on his forehead. Blood shed His father did not even notice. That fan remained as it was for six months. This sad undertaking of inheritance also does not free Jack until the end of the film.

The story of 'A Star is Born' is not new. Earlier three films with this name and story have been released. The film was first released in 1937. Its director, William Valman, wrote this story in collaboration with Robert Carson. This new film is based on this story and on the screenplays of the films released in 1954 and 1976. The Hindi film 'Aashiqui-2' was also made in this story.

This award season was dominated by 'A Star is Born', for some reasons. The first is that it has been directed by Bradley Cooper. He is the actor of films like 'Silver Linings Playbook' (2012), 'The Hangover Series' (2009-13) and 'American Sniper' (2014). Since his first film as a director has come, there is curiosity about it. Another is that the famous pop star Lady Gaga has made her debut as a lead actor.

Gaga, who is usually in the news due to her glamorous, ultra-fashionable clothes and controversies, is seen as glamorless in this film. Third, the treatment of the film. Although the film may allege that Bradley has focused the frames on himself,

There he is less in the responsibility of the director and more dedicated in appeasing his actor avatar. But the film is fine. Treatment feels fresh. Just like the stage performances in the film, the thousands of different crowds that are seen in it are real people and that shooting has been done during the real music concert. In low budget style.

The fourth is the soundtrack of the film which is well liked. Especially "Shallow / Surface" in which the boy says - "Girl, tell me this, are you happy with this modern world or do you want more than this." Is there anything else that you are looking for? I am losing In return the girl says - "Boy, tell me this. Are you not tired of filling this deficiency? Or do you want even more? Is it not difficult to do all this rigorously? ” Interest in the soundtrack is also because most of Lady Gaga has written and sung herself, along with others. Some Bradleys have also written and sung. This brings about the authentic feeling of overall music that the two singers who perform in the story have actually composed this music.

Art either takes something before the artist, or later. But it definitely takes. How to light a lamp without burning it. The disarray in Jack and Aimee's lives, the sufferings, and the purpose that is purposelessness, it is the result of this torture that they are able to create music that makes an impact. They are able to write songs which cannot be broken in their mind without suffering. When Ellie hears Jack in the drag bar for the first time and gives up his mind, the lyrics are -

"Maybe it's time that
Let the old ways die
Maybe now is the time
Let the old ways die
It takes a lot to change a man
It takes a lot to even try
Nobody knows for the dead
What awaits next
Some people just believe in those things
What they heard, what they read
But nobody knows for the dead
What awaits next"

A Star is Born Awards

'A Star is Born' at Oscar 2019:

Got 8 nominations.

Best Picture-    Bill Garber, Bradley Cooper, and Lynette Howell Taylor

Best Actor-   Bradley Cooper

Best Actress-   Lady Gaga

Best Supporting Actor-   Sam Elliot

Adapted Screenplay-   Eric Roth, Bradley Cooper, Will Fetters

Cinematography-   Matthew Libatick

Sound Mixing-   Tom Ozanich, Dean A. Zupanichich, Jason Rudder, Steve A. Morrow

Original Song-   Lady Gaga, Mark Ronson, Anthony Rosomando, Andrew Wyatt-   Song "Shallow" (Jeet)


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