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Dhoom 3 Movie: After a long wait, Yash Raj Banner's 'Dhoom 3' has been released. 'Dhoom' for the Yash Raj banner is arguably the biggest brand that has added the banner's reputation. This is the reason why this banner, which is considered to be a bit stingy in terms of budget, puts more money on every new film of 'Dhoom' series than the previous film.


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Dhoom Machale Dhoom
Aditi Singh Sharma

Sunidhi Chauhan

Tu Hi Junoon
Mohit Chauhan

Bande Hain Hum Uske
Shivam Mahadevan, Anish Sharman

Dhoom Tap

Dhoom:3 Overture

Dhoom Machale Dhoom - Arabic
Naya, Naya

Shilpa Rao, Siddharth Mahadevan

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Dhoom 3 Movie Review

After a long wait, Yash Raj Banner's 'Dhoom-3' has been released. 'Dhoom' for the Yash Raj banner is arguably the biggest brand that has added the banner's reputation. This is the reason why this banner, which is considered to be a bit stingy in terms of budget, puts more money on every new film of 'Dhoom' series than the previous film.

Made in a huge budget of about 100 million rupees, this film has a lot of action and drama, along with it you will get to see the best visual effects in it. Of course, many action scenes of 'Dhoom 3' work to compete with Hollywood films. You can guess the craze of this film from the fact that the film has already earned more than Rs 7 crore on advance booking on the box office.

Director Vijay Krishna Acharya, who made a super flop like Mega Budget Multistarrer 'Tashan' for this banner a few years ago, started work on this project only after doing a lot of homework this time after a long break. If some scenes of Uday Chopra and Abhishek Bachchan are ignored after Interval, the three-hour long film has the power to tie the audience to the start to finish with their seats.

Of course, Aamir Khan's presence in this film of 'Dhoom' series increases the craze of this film at the box office by leaps and bounds. After watching this film, director Vijay also seems to have fallen under the spell of Aamir in such a way that the remaining three important characters of the film - Vijay Dixit, Ali and Alia - did not have much chance to emerge. 'Dhoom 3' is Aamir Khan's film. Aamir will be the biggest beneficiary of the film's record success, rather than the banner and the director of the film.

Dhoom 3 Movie Story

Iqbal Harun Khan (Jackie Shroff) owns the Great Indian Circus Company in Chicago, USA. Iqbal's circus company has been on the verge of closure due to continuous losses for the last few years. A few years ago, the bank in which Iqbal had taken a big loan, wants to auction the circus company to recover its debt. Before the bank circumnavigates the company, Iqbal gets upset and shoots himself in front of his son Sahir (Aamir Khan).

Many years have passed since this incident but even today Sahir has not forgotten the death of his father. Sahir holds the bank and its top officials responsible for his father's suicide. Sahir's mission is to do a big loss to the bank and take revenge on its top officers. Sahir took magic and gymnastics training from his father as a child. After years, once again, after reaching Chicago, Sahir keeps robbing different branches of the same bank, because of which bank his father committed suicide. Sahir distributes the bulk of the loot money from the bank to the people.

Sahir dodges the police every time by resorting to tricks learned from his father in robbing the bank. When the police of Chicago cannot catch Sahir, he loses and seeks the help of the Indian police. The main reason for this is that every time Sahir looted the bank, a special message should be written in Hindi. Jai Dixit (Abhishek Bachchan) and Ali (Uday Chopra) are sent to Chicago from India.

Vijay's style of working is different. Vijay gives Sahir the challenge of robbing a branch of the bank through TV channels as soon as he comes to Chicago. Sahir himself approaches Jai after this challenge. Meanwhile, Jai realizes that Sahir is the thief whom he has come here with Ali to catch. Alia (Katrina Kaif) happens in Sahir's circus team. Vijay Dixit makes a plan to catch Sahir red handed. Sahir does something because of which Vijay's plan weighs on him. Chicago police and bank officials remove Vijay from the case.

Dhoom 3 Movie Acting

Talking of Aamir Khan, 'Dhoom 3' will be called one of his best films. Aamir gets to see a new look every time throughout the film. Of course Aamir has worked very hard for this film, whose result also appears on the screen. Aamir's action, stunt and emotion scenes have been made.

Abhishek Bachchan once again appeared with a flat face as he has seen in the previous films of this series. What to talk about Uday Chopra. Uday is good at the comic scenes Aditya puts into the film for him. Jackie Shroff's character is undoubtedly small, but his acting is excellent.

Dhoom 3 Movie Direction

Vijay Krishna Acharya's Direction Action manages to tie the audience completely with the story with a thrill. This time after 'Tashan', he has made a film that has the ability to stand up to the test of every class, from single screen to multiplex. The racer sequences done by Aamir with his Batman style bike are superb which compete with the Hollywood films. At the same time, the film's locations are amazing.

Dhoom 3 Movie Music

Pritam's music did not meet the expectations of his fans this time. Filming of the title track 'Dhoom Macha Le', 'Malang Malang' and 'Kamali' are amazing. Its credit goes to the Vaibhavi Merchant more than the composer.

Why see

Such films are rarely made in Bollywood. Do not miss 'Dhoom 3' if you are a fan of Aamir. If you want to spend three hours with fun and some newness, then go to see 'Dhoom 3' with the family on this weekend. Katrina and Aamir's amazing chemistry will be remembered even after coming out of the cinema hall. Of course, there are spices in the film that can make a new history at the box office.


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