Why are we watching movies like Contagion in lockdown? The answer is here


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Why are we watching movies like Contagion in lockdown? The answer is here

Contagion Movie: बेथ एम्हॉफ और उनके बेटे की मृत्यु एक घातक वायरस की खोज की ओर ले जाती है। जबकि यूएस सेंटर फॉर डिजीज कंट्रोल अपने प्रसार को रोकने के लिए संघर्ष करता है, दुनिया भर में आतंक फैलता है।

Contagion Film Details:

Director:    Steven Soderbergh

Screenplay:    Scott Z. Burns

Box office:    13.55 crores USD

Adapted from:     Contagion

Cast:    Matt DamonJud Law, Kate WinsletGwyneth PaltrowMarion Cotillard

As the corona cases in the world begin to take frightening forms, the craze of watching films related to disaster, horror and infectious diseases has increased among those at home in isolation. But have you wondered why this happened?

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The country is in a 21-day lockdown. The fear of the coronavirus is now at a stage of panic, where people are locked in homes and trying to protect themselves with every growing corona infection. The good thing is that people away from the office and market are spending time with their loved ones at home. Watching movies on TV and mobile. Reading books But statistics show that people's interest has suddenly increased towards films and shows that have plots associated with destruction, infection, and fear. movie contagion, contagion movie, contagion cast, contagion 2011, contagion full movie, contagion Netflix, movies like contagion.

People's search interest has changed, the number of viewers watching Steven Soderbergh's film 'Contagion' released in 2011 has suddenly increased on OTT platforms. People's search interest on the Internet has also changed. The search index is the number of times a thing has been searched on Google. On Google, people are fiercely searching for Contagion and other similar films.

That incident of nuclear power plant

Corona has now become a global epidemic. People from every country, from America to almost all countries are criticizing China because this virus has spread from there. In the last few weeks, people in India are not only advising each other to watch Contagion, but the number of people watching HBO's series Chernobyl has also increased rapidly. This is a story of nuclear destruction. An accident occurs in a nuclear plant and thousands of people die on sight.

Want to know more and more about Corona

In such a situation, the question arises that why is this happening after all? Why people like watching such films and series. The answer is fear and curiosity. Fear of what will happen next and curiosity as to how to deal with it. Search results on the internet show that people's interest in coronavirus has increased very rapidly. People are reading about the virus and are looking for ways to deal with it.

The craze has also increased due to horror films

Suddenly there has been a craze among the people sitting at home with horror films. From MxPlayer to all such platforms, the number of viewers watching horror films has increased rapidly. Dr. Jeffrey S. The Sartines live in Nebraska. He is an expert on infectious diseases. In the year 2019, he had a paper published. Jeffrey says in this, "Our desire to see horror films is also because we get out of our psychological fears by seeing the fear of the fantasy world on the screen."

What say, expert

This paper by Jeffrey is featured in Clinical Medicine and Research General. He further adds that our mood behind watching films related to infectious disease, epidemics is that we try to understand through them how it happened, what causes it to spread.

Movies how to deal with frustration

Dr. Jeffrey further states, 'I am not a historian. But what is happening in the present time is unprecedented for modern society. Today, one in every five people on earth is forced to remain locked in the house. Dr. Jeffrey further states that people learn ways to cope with their frustration from what they see in films. ' movie contagion, contagion movie, contagion cast, contagion 2011, contagion full movie, contagion NetFlix, movies like contagion.


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