The Dark Night full movie download:   Partner Lt. Jim Gordon (Gary Oldman), and DA Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhart), with the help of Batman (Christian Bale), could curb crime in Gotham City. But when a young criminal calls himself Joker (Heath Ledger), he suddenly throws the city into chaos, Joker (Heath Ledger) begins to draw a finer line between valor and vigilance.

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Heath Ledger pitched in a breath-taking performance as Batman's arch-rival as Christopher Nolan's breathtaking rendition of the second caper of Comic Book Hero after Batman's debut.

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Cast & Crew:

Director:-  Christopher Nolan

Actor:-  Christian Bale, Heath Ledger, Aaron Eckhart, Maggie Gyllenhaal


Christopher Nolan's Knight of the Batman series is the final part of The Dark Knight Rises. It took Nolan eight years to reach The Dark Knight Rights via Batman Begins, The Dark Knight. The fans of Batman have high expectations from this film and it also meets their expectations.

Even if you haven't seen the previous films, it doesn't matter. Each character has been introduced to the details, which does not create any difficulty in understanding the film. Christopher Nolan by David S. Together Gauer and Jonathan Nolan have written a story that has a lot of subplots, but the friendly direction did not allow the story to be divided.

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Batman (Christian Bale) is accused of killing Harvey Dent. He does not move out of his palatial home for eight years. Only Butler Alfred is with him. Batman is weakened. First, it lacks strength. He is extremely lonely inside because he has lost his love. He is also cut off from social life. He is identified as Bruce Wayne by the public. Bruce suffers financially tremendous losses.

Villainal (Tom Hardy) aims to destroy Gotham City. He kidnaps a nuclear scientist and wants to pressure him to destroy Gotham City with a nuclear bomb.

He has captured Gotham City. His partner has disrupted all the city's arrangements. It has its own police and justice system. Batman attempts to stop Ben, but Ben falls heavily on him and is imprisoned.
Will Ben succeed in his cause? Will Batman be able to protect Gotham City? The answers to these questions coincide with the surprise in the climax.

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The film begins in James Bond Numa style in which Ben, through his plane, kidnaps the scientist sitting on another plane in the air. It is one of the finest scenes in the film.

The story then comes to a halt on Bruce Wayne. The scenes between Alfred and Bruce are extremely long. These days, all superheroes are being shown to be very lonely, at the same time they also get weak in front of Villain. Superman is the same as Batman after Spiderman. The sexy thief Celina (Anne Hathaway) keeps on giving the film momentum.

The film touches the heights when Ben threatens to come to Gotham City and destroys the city through his companions. In fact, the climax of the film lasts for 70–80 minutes in which Batman, the commissioner, and some capable police officers do their best to control Wayne.

The climax includes elements such as the threat of a nuclear bomb explosion, the secret of criminals in the city, the bloodshed of Ben, the thrill of finding the bomb, Batman's escape from Ben's captivity in Gotham City, which does not allow him to move from his seat Huh.

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Director Christopher Nolan has an excellent direction. He has also highlighted the isolation of Batman and thrilling scenes of Batman flying, futuristic bikes and car running in between so that the film does not start on the same trek.

As far as minus points are concerned, the episode that keeps Batman in captivity is kept too long, due to which the action of Batman is not seen for very long. At the same time, it also increases the length of the film. The film is also quite slow in the beginning.

Many shades are seen in the character of Batman and Christian Bale has filled these colors in his character with great acting. He has played the character from the world to the mind-boggling human, returning as Batman.

Ben Hardy Tom Hardy seems cruel. His face is visible once throughout the film as he is wearing a mask. Many of the dialogues he speaks are incomprehensible due to this mask. Anne Hathaway gave the film a glamorous look. Cinematography, action and special effects are the top class.

The Dark Knight Rises has all the spices you love to see in a superhero movie.

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