Shikara Full Movie Download

Shikara Movie Review: Shikara became the weak link of Vidhu Vinod Chopra's director skills.

Shikara Full Movie Download
Shikara Movie: Anuragie

Director:  Vidhu Vinod Chopra

Music director: A. R. Rahman, Qutub-E-Kripa, Abhay Sopori, Sandesh Shandilya, Rohit Kulkarni

Screenplay:  Vidhu Vinod Chopra, Rahul Pandita, Abhijat Joshi

Shikara Full Movie Download

Vidhu Vinod Chopra, Ramanand Sagar's half-brother, should be assuaged that he should not forget Kashmiriyat even after years of settling in Mumbai. Born in Srinagar, Vidhu made his second film Khamosh as a director in the plains of Kashmir. Vidhu's directorial skills came to be known from the story of the murder of a murder that took place during the shooting of a film. And, again, after the release of Parinda, from the position Vidhu got in Hindi cinema, many big directors still cherish it. Vidhu again returned to the valleys. Again he has made a film on Kashmir. And, again the release count of his film has been reduced to theaters across the cinema.

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Shiva and Shanti, the characters of Shikari's story, become closer during the shooting of a film. The director of the film wants a typical Kashmiri couple. These two present themselves for this. One has power in writing. In the service of another. Both run away from shooting. Let's get married. They also set up their own house. Then, a massacre takes place in the valley. Both of them remain attached to their soil during the passing of the refugee camp in Jammu for years. The only dream is that the people there can breathe freely in the air again.

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Shiva is the god of destruction. Everyone wants peace. Nobody wants to try for this. Vidhu specializes in cinema to speak her gestures. He is a master of emotion. Just then, he missed the casting of the film which started two years ago. What he could not tell properly about the famous stars like Hrithik Roshan and Sanjay Dutt in Mission Kashmir, he would have wanted to say this time through new faces. Vidhu put a heavy burden on the shoulders of the new artists. This pressure of responsibility is also visible on both the faces. The scene of the wedding shows a look of disdain on both faces. According to the requirement of the story, it would have been Vidhu's priority, but these expressions are of different juices in the audience's mind and Vidhu's mind would probably have a different color of these juices. This is the bridge between the director and the viewer.

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The other weakness of this bridge of Vidhu's film is not being able to present the pain of the love story on screen properly in the course of telling the history of the film. It would not have been easy for thousands of people to move away from their homes. Vidhu's images are weak in the film this time. He wants to show his intervention on the current political signals by saving the calf, but the general audience does not understand the meaning of writing a letter to a Kashmiri at a time when the President of America is mimicking India's election campaign system. Even if America wants to interfere in Kashmir, the current geographical economic equation will not allow it to do so.

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As a director, Vidhu Vinod Chopra made it in his Mughal-e-Azam film Parinda. Khamosh, Parinda and 1942 A Love Story are just as much of their directorial journeys as these three films. The film made with the new heroine Neha (Shabana Raza, now the wife of Manoj Bajpayee) began to pay close to his prodigy and by coming to Eklavya and Shikara, the tilism has disintegrated.

The song music of the film is Kashmiri and there is not much publicity in the Hindi belt, so the film does not get much help from it. Yes, Rangarajan's cinematography competes with world cinema. Vidhu has also given his name in the editing of the film, so the loose tricks of the film will also be written in his account. Vidhu Vinod Chopra, while being a director within Hindi cinema, does move, but for these waves, he needs a strong shikara that can return his directorial skills to the rhythm of parinda. The film Shikara gets two stars in anuragie movie review.

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