March 01, 2020

Doordarshan Full Movie Download

Doordarshan Movie Review: There is life in this film, definitely see an actor like Manu Rishi Chadha's Sanjeev Kumar.

Doordarshan Full Movie Download
Doordarshan Movie: Anuragie

Movie Review: Doordarshan

Artists: Manu Rishi Chadha, Mahi Gill, Shardul Rana, Sumit Gulati, Supriya Shukla, Rajesh Sharma, and Dolly Ahluwalia, etc.

Director: Gagan Puri

Producer: Ritu Arya, Sandeep Arya

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Doordarshan Movie Story

Stories in Mumbai are with every other human being. Every third person wants to become a film director too. In such a situation, there are lucky producers from outside whose films are also released in theaters. PVR Pictures has done a big job by releasing the film Doordarshan in away. This film is such that no studio has tried it. Like Sanjay Mishra's film Everyone's Success, this film has no luck, which got the name of Shahrukh Khan's company. Doordarshan has reached theaters under its own name. If you have seen and liked these web series on OTT like My Family and Gullak, then this film has the same flavors for you.

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Filming like glamourous, glamorous and special effects around the world, films like Doordarshan are reminiscent of cinema in the era of Hrishikesh Mukherjee where the film rests on a story rather than a superstar. The story of the film Doordarshan is of a family whose every member is living in their own separate world. The owner of the house, Sunil, is upset with his wife Priya living separately. Son Sunny is upset with his college studies. The daughter has different concerns. And, BG has been lying in a coma in a room in the house for thirty years. Sunny is fond of reading pornographic books and one day BG gets sensed during the recitation of one such book in BG's room. Do not shock BG, so the whole house keeps pretending to Doordarshan's heyday.

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The beginning of the film is a bit weird. Director Gagan Puri has written his film such as a sewing knit sweater. The noose slips the stitch and the film keeps climbing. Those who watch films like Doordarshan do not expect much from the film, but the emotions of this film make you cry and laugh. Scenes featuring Manu Rishi Chadha and Dolly Ahluwalia, in particular, are the life of the film. When the mother is shocked that the son has been cleaning her stool urine for so many days and when the son talks about the hard work of the mother in her childhood, the atmosphere becomes serious.

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Manu Rishi Chadha is originally a writer. Writing is not his profession but a passion. But, those actors are becoming equally as serious. Film by film, the actor within him has grown. He has gathered applause in more careful auspiciousness. Now in Doordarshan, he has done the job of winning the award. Sanjeev Kumar remembers seeing him. If he is called the new Sanjeev Kumar of Hindi cinema, then it will not be an exaggeration.

The opening scenes of Mahi Gill as Priya in the rest of the cast are a bit uncomfortable as her Hindi accent is not clearly heard there. But, viewers love to see Mahi riding a bullet on the streets of Delhi. And, when the son calls the father upside down, the scene of his mother backing her husband back home to get a divorce proves his performance. Dolly Ahluwalia is meant for similar characters. As soon as he heard the name of Bimala, the heroine of Sunny's book, eating his gush has become very easy. Rajesh Sharma as the landlord friend and Supriya Shukla as his wife have also supported the film. Shardul Rana and Sumit Gulati also add good color to the friendship during the school days.

If the weak links of the film are to be counted then it is an excessively long screenplay and the music of the film. Gagan Puri should have included his story in a short time and the music of the film should have been kept in such a way that according to the film's lover. It was necessary to keep a song like the music of the old times in the film. Soni Singh's cinematography is good and manages to create an atmosphere of Delhi. Editing by Shubham Srivastava helps set the mood at the beginning of the film. The film Doordarshan gets three stars in the Anuragie Movie Review.

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