Anupam Kher's poem is going on touching everyone's emotions amidst the havoc of Corona

Anupam Kher's poem is going on touching everyone's emotions amidst the havoc of Corona, coronavirus news, anupam kher vs coronavirus

Self-isolation is a better way to protect yourself from the dangers of Corona, and about this, Anupam Kher has shared a wonderful poem that will touch your heart.

We have only one way to avoid the danger that has been announced around the world with Corona, and that is to isolate ourselves and keep us imprisoned in homes. However, despite all the instructions of the government, some people are not following it, after which curfew was declared in many states. Now Anupam Kher has appealed to the people through his poetry to maintain social distancing and stay at home. Believe me, he has woven the poem so beautifully that even his talent will get you convinced.

Talking about the appeal to be safe on the Coronavirus and to stand firm against the disease, Amitabh Bachchan and Mahesh Bhatt have also narrated their poetry to the fans and now Anupam Kher has come out with his poem, in which he took the only precaution from Corona Not only that, but it is also said to spend this time with your loved ones beautifully.

However, Anupam has presented it as an appeal, which he has written while sharing, 'An appeal: through poetry! The thing is to say the same thing that every responsible person is saying in today's era. Follow the rules. Stay at home And keep it as #socialdistancing. #StayAtHome

His poem is like this

'तूफान के हालात हैं, न किसी सफर में रहो' ||

'पंछियों से गुजारिश है अपनी शजर में रहो' ||

'ईद के चांद वो अपने ही घरवालों के लिए' ||

'ये उनकी खुशकिस्मती है उनकी ही नजर में रहो' ||

'माना बंजारों की तरह घूमे हो डगर डगर' ||

'वक्त का तकाजा है, अपने ही शहर में रहो' ||

People are very fond of this poem of acting Anupam Kher. Right now the whole world is self-quarantined and the stars are constantly in touch with the fans through social media and are also giving them the necessary advice to be vigilant.

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