March 26, 2020

Aladdin: Guy Ritchie Movie Aladdin 2019 Download Movie Fill HD

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Aladdin (2019): The mischievous and often time-traveling Aladdin, who lives in the streets, feels a lot of attraction for the princess there, but when he approaches the palace where the princess lives, he feels that she is easier to find. Not as much as he thought.

Aladdin Movie Details

Guy Ritchie
105.1 CR USD
Naomi Scott
18.3 CR USD
Guy Ritchie
Will Smith
John August
Mena Massoud
Marwan Kenzari
Nasim Pedrad

Aladdin Story:

Aladdin (Mena Masood), a local boy who often steals, falls in love with Princess Jasmin (Naomi Scott) of his kingdom Agarba but is in his way the devil Wazir Zafar (Marwan Kenjari) and the Sultan's advisor (Nawid Negahban ) Arrives, placing the magic lamp in front of Aladdin and the condition of bringing Ginny (Will Smith). ... and this genie can fulfill anyone's 3 wishes.

Aladdin Movie Clips:

Credit Original Video link: Best TV

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Aladdin Movie Review:

The story of Aladdin and Jini has been known for centuries. Earlier Disney also made an animated series on it which was well-liked. Masood and Scott's new pair brings freshness in this film. The chemistry on both screens is amazing. The biggest surprise package and strong side of the film is the presence of Will Smith as Genie. Will Smith is very good in the role of Genie. The film's main villain Zafar's role has also been well created.

However, the direction of the film seems somewhat lousy at times. The song and dance sequence of the film seem to be forcibly inserted into the film which could have been avoided. The film has become a bit too long and in 2 hours and 8 minutes, it seems to be stretching. Probably this has happened in developing all the characters but it seems that the director has finished the film in a hurry.

The movie download link is below.

Children born in the 90s who have seen the cartoon version of Aladdin may not find Aladdin and Jasmine very good in the film. Yet overall, Aladdin's story is so magical that it pulls you towards him.

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