October 02, 2019

Indian scientists have evolved another potato species, DBT Agriculture

Indian scientists have evolved another potato species, DBT Agriculture

Indian scientists have evolved another potato species. This species is named 'Neelkanth', potato of this species is full of anti-oxidant elements.

Right Growing Area

Potato of this variety is very suitable for the cultivation of potato of this state in the northern plains regions of the country like Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal.

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 Easy to Store

It took a decade long to prepare this potato species, so much time scientists have prepared this species by keeping it in mind, scientists believe that it is very easy to store the potato of this species and it does not deteriorate.

Potato of Neelkanth species is very good in health and its taste is also excellent.

Scorching Disease in Potato Crop

As you all know, the biggest enemy of potato farming is the scorching disease. This disease is usually used in potato farming and destroys the potato of farmers.

Potato Research Institute of Shimla, this potato species named Nilkand does not cause scorching disease. And protects farmers from the damage caused in potato farming. Scorching disease usually occurs in standing crops when potatoes are planted in it. And due to this disease, the potato plant gets scorched. And the potato below ground rot or is not good.

Doctor SK Luthra who is the head of the team making the Neelkanth potato variety. He informed that yellow, white, and red-colored potato varieties are available in the market. But when you talk about purple colored potatoes, it has its own special characteristics. This can be of great benefit to farmers who cultivate potato backward. And this does not affect the temperature rise much.

Potatoes of this species do not deteriorate quickly. And its self-life is very good. Due to which there is no problem in the storage of potato of this species.

Talking about its shape, it looks oval and its inner part is yellow in color. Doctor Luthra said that the possibility of getting scorching disease increases due to high humidity, rain and fog in the weather. Such weather is very dangerous for potato cultivation.

But it does not have any effect on the potatoes of Neelkanth species. This species has been prepared at Modipuram center in West Uttar Pradesh under Central Potato Institute, Shimla. It is ready in 75 to 90 days.