August 02, 2019

Power game making today's cricket, tempting young people to lure doping

Like any other sport, any campaign against doping in cricket has received a cold response. Looking at the paper, the International Cricket Council (ICC) talks about the 'Zero Tolerance' policy on doping.

Cricket has been called Gentleman game. A game in which the player's success depends on how his technique is, how does he compete with his skill in challenging situations? The timings of batsmen are everything, then the skill of spinning and swing by reading the baller's pitch is special.

Like any other sport, any campaign against doping in cricket has received a cold response. Looking at the paper, the International Cricket Council (ICC) talks about the 'Zero Tolerance' policy on doping. But the biggest 'Board of Cricket Control in India' (BCCI), which is coming under it, has been ignoring the standards of the World Anti-Doping Agency so far.

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The eight-month-old BIA has reinforced the debate on doping for the violation of anti-doping code on India's young emerging player Prithvi Shah. Is the probability of consuming restricted substances to be the lowest in the actual performance of cricketers? Now it is true that cricket is also taking the form of power games in its modern avatars where physical fitness and fitness matter.

In the matter of an insider of the BCCI, who has a good knowledge of anti-doping, says, "Cricket has been deemed to be a game of skill, where artificially there is little scope for improving performance. But now there is fast bowling in cricket or being popular in T20 format, this game has also become a power game. Speed ​​and strength have become important in this game too. I can tell you that youth have a belief that if you can not dope, then you can not win. '

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Freelance International Cricketers are pressured to keep themselves fit to play in various T20 leagues all over the world. As far as the Indian cricketer is concerned, the Tight International Schedule and the IPL for nearly one and a half months both demand good fitness.

Team India's former physio John Gloster told INDIA TODAY, "There is a big favorable situation in cricket when you come back from injury and come back. Pass through the process of early recovery. In the modern game, in the era of T20 and T10, you can argue that it is important to develop the stamina. There are drugs that increase strength. '

Gloster adds as well- 'But for a long time, someone has to stay on doping for the benefit of the display. It can not be such that sometimes a counter drug can be done by taking it sometimes. For this, it is necessary to have very deep knowledge of programming, the vastness of information from a chemistry perspective. But there is also a big danger of getting caught. We also do random tests in the outside of the tournament. '

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As far as Indian cricket is concerned, the National Anti-Doping Agency (NADA) is screwing up the dispute with the BCCI on outsourcing its doping control to Swedish private firm International Doping Tests and Management (ITDL).

ITDL adheres to World Anti-Dop Agency (WADA) standards. After constant pressure, the BCCI recently made a tripartite agreement with NADA and ICC. But at least 10 per cent of them are provided to NADA for testing.

According to Insider, "WADA has tightened things after years of talks with the BCCI. This is because institutional doping is not only associated with Russia but it has become a case of the whole world. If the BCCI is happy with NADA's testing system then it can go along with it. But WADA is not going to bend anywhere. '

Glosser on this argument is not said to elevate the performance, "I have been stressing for a long time that in the modern game you can not be trusted alone technology. It is a durable game in which there is a lot of opportunities for intense tension in a heavy activity such as the condition of no oxygen.

Gloster does not agree that steroids, which are used to improve performance in weightlifting or power-based sports, can also work in cricket. Gloster supports the release of specially prohibited substances for cricket. Gloster says that there should be a fine look for cricket to see what's in that list.

We should know that if someone unknowingly takes such substance then what will happen to him? Its effect will be negligible. A shooter or archer takes cedophydrine, which is a restricted substance for relief from the cold, it can not improve the performance, it increases the speed of the heart, which is the motor activity. A shooter does not need it, but it is in the restricted list for him.

However, experts say there are some substances that are helpful in tissue repair and their growth. But they do not have any meaning when the player is out of action and is in the process of emerging from injury. But in the absence of competency testing, any unwanted benefit can take. Gloster says that there should be a policy of 'Zero Tolerance' from here and from here. The penalty works as a resistance. '