August 27, 2018

RK studios are selling stones on the chest | Kapoor Family Selling RK Studio

Kapoor Family Selling RK Studio

छाती पर पत्थर रख बेच रहे हैं आरके स्टूडियो | कपूर परिवार 

RK studios are selling stones on the chest | Kapoor Family Selling RK Studio 

Hindi movie-lovers have a startling news. The Kapoor family has decided to sell the famous RK studio. This historic studio built 70 years ago had a massive fire last year, and a large part of it was destroyed.

The Kapoor family feels that it is not financially wise to do renovation. Shomain Raj Kappur established it in 1948 in Mumbai's suburban area Chembur. Many of Raj Kappur's films were produced in this studio.

On behalf of the family, Rishi Kapoor said, "Kapoor family is quite emotional about this decision." They said that we are very attached to the people but the next generation has no idea. Rishi said, 'This decision has to be taken by putting stones on the chest.'

On September 16 last year, a set of 'Super Dancer' was set in the studio in which the ground floor was burnt. There was no harm in the accident. Rishi Kapoor had expressed the desire to recreate the studio with the latest technology, but his elder brother Randhir Kapoor said that it was not practical.

Randhir Kapoor said, 'Yes, we have decided to sell RK studios. It is available for sale. After the fire in the studio, it was not practical to make it again. '

Films made under the RK banner include 'Aag', 'Barasat', 'Awara', 'Shri 420', ‘Jis desh me ganga behati hai’, 'Mera Name Joker', 'Bobby', 'Satyam Shiva Sundaram', ' Ram Teri Ganga Mali 'etc. The last film under 'RK Banner' was 'Aaa Ab Laut chale', which was directed by Rishi Kapoor. After the death of Raj Kappur in 1988, his eldest son, Randhir, took over the studio. Later Rajiv Kapoor directed Rajiv Kapoor, the youngest son, directed ‘Prem Granth’