August 22, 2018

Hollywood Movie Alpha To Release In India On August 24 | Anuragie

Alpha Movie

Alpha Hollywood Movie  To Release In India On August 24

Directed by             Albert Hughes

Writing Credits     Daniele Sebastian   , Wiedenhaupt (screenplay by)
Albert Hughes       (story by)

Star Cast

  • Kodi Smit-McPhee                     : Keda
  • Natassia Malthe                          : Rho
  • Leonor Varela                              : Shaman
  • Jóhannes Haukur Jóhannesson  : Tau
  • Jens Hultén                                     : Xi
  • Mercedes de la Zerda                   : Nu
  • Spencer Bogaert                             : Kappa
  • Priya Rajaratnam                         : Huntress
  • Marcin Kowalczyk                      : Sigma
  • Patrick Flanagan                       : Neanderthal #3
  • Michael Kruse-Dahl                   : Lion Tribe #4
  • Kyle Glenn Sutherland               : Lion Tribe #9 (as Thomas Kyle)
  • Louis Lay                                     : Solutrean Hunter #2
  • Taran Kootenhayoo                   : Solutrean Hunter #6
  • Nestor de la Zerda                     : Solutrean Hunter #1
  • Blake Point                                  : Solutrean hunter #4
  • Nashon Douglas                         : Lion Tribe #3

Produced by 

  • Mark Bakshi                          : Production executive
  • Stuart M. Besser                   : Executive producer
  • Robin Le Chanu              : Co-producer
  • Kim Locasio                          : Production executive
  • Andrew Rona                  : Producer
  • Louise Rosner                       : executive producer
  • Jon Silk                                  : Production executive: Studio 8 

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Music by 

  • Joseph S. DeBeasi
  • Michael Stearns

Hollywood Movie Alpha To Release In India On August 24 | Anuragie
Alpha is all about how a man makes a wolf his best friend in the wilderness. A survival story of mankind and wild.

An epic enterprise set in the last phase of Ice Age, Alpha offers an intriguing, outwardly shocking story that sparkles a light on the inceptions of man's closest companion, a creature. While on his first chase, a man is harmed figures out how to survive alone in the wild.

Keda leaves the safety of his village for the first time, accompanied by his father Tau and other members of the tribe. Keda, who is injured, is left to die in a wilderness. Keda comes across various impediments while finding his way back to the village. On his journey to home, Keda is attacked by a pack of wolves. In his defence, he seriously wounds the Alpha wolf. But instead of killing it, Keda carries the wolf to a cave where they take shelter. Over time, they become reliant on each other to survive: hunting, eating, resting, even playing together.

The film is releasing in India on August 24 - in Imax and 3D. The film will also be dubbed in Tamil.

Check out the trailer of the much-awaited adventurous film here: Alpha Movie Official Trailer